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Roadworthy Certificates

A number of our staff are trained and licensed to carry out roadworthy inspections on all types of vehicles including four wheel drives and light commercials.

The Certificate of Roadworthiness Scheme operates to maintain the use of safe vehicles on the road.

It is required to be presented to VicRoads prior to the transfer of registration of a vehicle or (re) registration of an unregistered vehicle. It may also be requested to clear a defect notice issued by a police officer or an authorised Vic Roads officer.

An authorised mechanic performs an examination and test of the vehicle within guidelines and directions given by Vic Roads. If no cause for rejection is found, a Certificate of Roadworthiness is issued by the licenced vehicle tester. The certificate is current for a period of 30 days from the date of issue.

A Certificate of Roadworthiness inspection is a check of the vehicle, to insure that components have not worn or deteriorated to the extend that the vehicle may not be safe for normal road use.

Consumers are strongly advised to obtain an independent, comprehensive inspection report on the vehicle's overall condition before purchasing any used vehicle.